Intermountain CFC Awards

2016 Intermountain CFC Awards

-Award Nomination Form (for Campaign Hero, Most Valuable Volunteer, Most Creative Campaign awards)

-"Best Overall Campaign" Nomination Form (for Best Overall Campaign award)

Email Bruce Jacobs if you would like MS Word versions of these forms.

Deadline to submit nomination forms: February 8, 2017

Best Overall Campaign Award

To the agency that shows most outstanding results in all aspects of the campaign including creativity, getting volunteers involved, achieving great results (measured against previous year’s performance) in both dollars raised and overall participation. The award style changes every year. Please use the "Best Overall Campaign" nomination form to apply.

2015 Winners:

Medium Agency: Social Security Administration, Provo

Large Agency: Internal Revenue Service, Ogden
Honorable Mentions: VA Salt Lake City Health Care System, Salt Lake City, and VA Regional Office, Salt Lake City

All-for-One Award

To the federal agency with the highest CFC participation rate -- broken down by agency size category, (except for largest agencies), and by state. The award looks like this:


    This award is "automatic" -- based on campaign participation rates in your size category. 

    2015 Winners:

    Large Agency Category (300+ employees)

    VA Regional Office, Salt Lake City

    Big Agency Category (100-299 employees): 

    Utah: U.S. Attorney Office, Salt Lake City

    Idaho: U.S. Department of Energy, Idaho Falls

    Colorado: BLM, Grand Junction

    Wyoming: Bureau of Land Management, Rock Springs

    Standard Agency Category (50-99 employees):

    Utah: Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Salt Lake City

    Idaho: Federal Bureau of Investigation, Pocatello

    Colorado: Forest Service, San Juan Public Lands Center

    Wyoming: National Weather Service, Riverton

    Medium Agency Category (20-49 employees): 

    Utah: United States Securities and Exchange Commission, SLC  - AND - Social Security Administration, Provo - AND - USPS, Brigham City

    Idaho: National Weather Service, Pocatello

    Colorado: National Weather Service, Grand Junction

    Small Agency Category (7-19 employees):

    Utah: USPS Salt Lake Law Dept. 

    Idaho: NOAA, Idaho Falls

    Colorado: Department of Energy, Legacy Management, Grand Junction

    Most Creative Campaign Award

    To the agency that had the most innovative and creative programs that fostered goodwill in support of their campaign. The award style changes from year to year, but always in a creative style. Please use the general award nomination form to apply.


    2015 Winners:

    Medium Agency: Social Security Administration, Provo
    Large Agency: VA Regional Office 
    Honorable Mention: VA Salt Lake City Healthcare System

    Spirit Award 

    To the federal agency that makes the most noise or shows the most spirit at the campaign awards celebration. Judging may either be from the crowd or a special delegation of judges from various agencies. Award style may vary from year to year. The award is determined at the Utah-area Awards Celebration event.

    2015 Winner: Internal Revenue Service, Ogden

    Over-the-Top Award

    To the agencies that exceed their goals and bring in the highest percent increase in total dollars. The award is a certificate and is broken down by the following levels:

    ·  Platinum: 50% or greater dollar amount over previous year

    ·  Gold: 40% or greater dollar amount over previous year

    ·  Silver: 25% or greater dollar amount over previous year

    ·  Bronze: 15% or greater dollar amount over previous year

    2015 Platinum Winners: 
    Army Corps of Engineers, Hill AFB; Defense Contract Management Agency; Department of Labor, Wage & Hour, SLC; Food & Drug Administration, SLC; Military Entrance Processing Station, SLC; USDA, Rural Development, SLC: USGS, Utah Water Science Center; USPS, Clearfield

    2015 Gold Winners: 
    Department of Homeland Security, Citizenship & Immigration Services, SLC; Social Security Administration, Ogden; USPS, Kearns; USPS, Murray; USPS Salt Lake CS District

    2015 Silver Winners: 

    Defense Contract Audit Agency; Department of Interior, Regional Solicitor, SLC, Federal Aviation Administration, SLC; Internal Revenue Service, Ogden; Social Security Administration, SLC; USDA, Aerial Photography Field Office; USPS, Layton; USPS, Salt Lake Remote Encoding Center; USPS, South Jordan

    2015 Bronze Winners: 

    Army Corps of Engineers, Bountiful; Bureau of Reclamation, Provo; Bureau of Reclamation, SLC; Dept. of Interior, Hearings & Appeals, SLC; U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground; Securities and Exchange Commission, SLC; USPS, Salt Lake South

    Campaign Hero Award

    To the best Campaign Coordinator (Project Officer) based on overall leadership, creativity, and results. Usually nominated by one of the Keyworkers. Award style may vary from year to year. Please use the general award nomination form to apply. This is not the OPM National Hero Award.

    Medium Agency: Cassandra Herrick and Stacy Rigby, Social Security Administration, ODAR

    Standard Agency: Amy Lundquist, USPS, Salt Lake Sugarhouse

    Big Agency: Brittany Overdiek, Bureau of Reclamation, Salt Lake City
    Large Agency: Amy Wenrich, VA Regional Office

    Honorable Mention: Brenda Christy, Hill AFB; Darwin Petersen, Dept. of Homeland Security/TSA; Talease Stromberg, USPS, Brigham City


    MVV Award (Most Valuable Volunteer)

    To the top Keyworkers or other CFC volunteers who made the most valuable contribution in their agency to the overall success of the campaign.

    2015 Utah Winners: 
    • Pam Greer, IRS
    • Ian Kirwan, Federal Highway Administration
    • Danette Maisey, IRS
    Honorable Mention: 

    Fred Hernandez, Ogden IRS; Robin Velasquez, Hill AFB; Geraldine Livingston, VA SLC Healthcare System; Heather Rowley, SSA, Provo; Jeffrey Lobken, Federal Aviation Administration; Elizabeth Montgomery, Ogden IRS; Deb Woodbury, Ogden IRS; Cathy Simmons, Federal Aviation Administration

    Presidential Awards

    Also known as Traveling Trophy Awards, these are presented annually to the Campaign’s top-performing agencies in Southwest Idaho. The winners receive an engraved trophy at the Recognition Celebration. The trophies are passed along to the new winners the following year.

    2014 Winners:

    Large Agency: BLM Idaho State Office, CFC Manager: Terry Heslin

    Medium Agency: US Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS), Boise, CFC Manager: John Shand

    Small Agency: US Fish and Wildlife Service, Fire Management (NIFC), Boise, CFC Manager: Cameron Tongier

    Magic Valley Agency: BLM Twin Falls District, CFC Manager: Lisa T. Cresswell

    Eagle Award  

    This coveted award is given to the federal agency in the SW Idaho area that raises the largest amount of pledge dollars. 

    USPS Boise P&DC, 

    CFC Managers: Thomas E. Cross, Jr. and Jennifer Hawkins

    2014 Idaho Spirit Award Winners

    These are federal employees who go the extra CFC mile, showing incredible dedication, creativity, and making the CFC a top priority. Our sincere congratulations to all of the 2013 CFC Spirit Award winners and nominees and special thanks to those that contributed nominations!

    Idaho Winners: Maria Lopez (EPA), Annette Ross (BOR PacNW Reg Office), Pam Conley (BLM Idaho State Office), Jill Allgood (Sawtooth National Forest), Timothy Gibson (Air National Guard), Stefanie Knox (MHAFB), Melinda Ritacco (BOR Pacific NW Regional Office), Tom Cross (USPS Boise P&DC), Kelly Bongiovi (Air National Guard), Greta Sinclair (TSA), and Sara Reagan (USACE).

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